New Changes

Hello followers and readers! As some of you may have noticed,  “From Under the Teacher’s Desk” (FUTD) has been going through a number of changes in order to make your experience on the blog easier and more enjoyable. Most noticeable to those who have been with me from the start is that we have had a theme change. In addition, the resource page has been updated to include more resources and make them easier to find. Currently, the resource pages are a little barren, but I will continue to add things on a regular basis.

I would like to introduce a new series of posts I will be doing called “shorts”. Usually, my posts end up being quite lengthy and detailed. Where these can be useful, they can also be difficult to enjoy and take a long time to write. “Shorts” will be sections I have taken out of longer posts that can stand out on their own. Each post will contain a link to the original article as well as a poll to prompt further discussion. I hope these will make your experience easier and more enjoyable. For those of you who like the longer articles, no worries, I will still be posting those as well.

I will continue to update FUTD as I continue grow and learn as a blogger. I appreciate all of your patience and support during this time. Thank you and have a fantastic start to the new year!


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