Announcements and Updates

Hello everyone! Changes have continued slowly but surely to continue to improve your experience on this blog. Here are your blog updates and announcements:

We Have a Facebook Page! That’s right! FUTD officially has its own Facebook page! This page will connect followers with new posts as well as extra content not shared on the blog. I hope this will also be a place where the FUTD community (that’s you followers!) can have discussions about all things teaching and education. To follow the new page, click here!

New Feature: Subject Week In order to provide more resources and avenues for discussion, FUTD is going to start hosting Subject Week! Every few weeks, one core academic subject will be chosen to be featured on FUTD all week long. Every day during subject week, there will be 1-2 posts related to the featured subject. Meanwhile, on the FUTD Facebook page, followers will be encouraged to share lessons and activities they have enjoyed relating to the featured subject. Our first ever subject week will begin February 14th and feature Math.

Math Week is Coming! FUTD’S first ever subject week is coming and will be featuring math! Tune in starting February 14th for everything math and make sure to follow the Facebook page in order to participate in the discussion and keep up to date on all of the blog activity. See you all on Saturday!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my followers, new and old, for their support of this blog so far. I couldn’t do it without you!


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