Texas Supreme Court To Hear School Finance Case

Following the theme of funding for public education, here is an article by CBS Dallas about a potential overhaul of Texas’s school funding system. Currently, public school funding works very much like higher education system I have discussed in recent posts with one difference: Texas does not collect income tax. Recent cuts by the State of Texas to public education has prompted many school districts to sue the Stare for making it I possible to properly educate their students. This issue will be interesting follow as a successful budgeting overhaul in Texas could spread and perhaps change how we approach public education. Special Thanks to CBS Dallas/Fort Worth for sharing this article.

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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AUSTIN (AP) – The Texas Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear the state’s gargantuan, multiyear school finance case — and set a timetable that ensures there won’t be a decision until after the legislative session ends in June.

Austin-based District Judge John Dietz had ruled last year and in 2013 that the way the state pays for public schools was unconstitutional, saying funding levels were inadequate and unfairly distributed around the state. The attorney general’s office has appealed to Texas’ highest civil court of appeals.

The court gave Texas 80 days to file briefs, then attorneys for the 600-plus school districts suing the state 80 days for their own briefs. Both sides then have 40 days for replies.

No date was set for oral arguments. But that paperwork schedule means the case will continue for more than six months at least. The legislative session…

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