Farwell Math Week

It is with mixed feelings that FUTD waves goodbye to Math Week. A special thanks to everyone who contributed their ideas and made Math Week possible, I couldn’t have done it without your dedication and enthusiasm for what you do. I would also like to extend a special welcome to those who have decided to join the FUTD community during Math Week. Though these posts are not typical of this blog, I hope you continue to enjoy and benefit from our slowly growing site. Thank you again everyone for making this week a success and now I will leave you all with a few announcements:

Brief Hiatus: Math Week was a lot of fun and a personal success for me however, it was an extreme challenge to provide multiple posts every day. In order to recharge and continue to provide quality posts, I have decided to take a brief hiatus from original posts. This means I will not be sharing an original post until March 7th however, you will still be getting a “Monday Share” and a “Friday Feature” so you won’t miss me too much ;). Even though I will not be posting, I will be using the time to update the blog so it better reflects it’s new mission (yes, I finally have one).

Cleaning House: Every once in a while, I will be cleaning out and consolidating some of the content from the blog. All of the posts from Math Week except for the re-blogged content will be taken down in a couple of days. But don’t panic. I have already consolidated all of the “Pinteresting Things” into one post that will remain on the site. All of the material from the other original posts and some of the re-blogged content will be placed on the brand new “Math” page under the resources tab so that you will continue to have access to them. A link to the consolidated “Pinteresting Things” post will be provided on that page as well. In addition to consolidating the posts from Math Week, I will be choosing a couple of the least popular posts to eliminate.

Best of FUTD: This week, I will be checking site stats and be choosing one post I have created thus far that I believe deserves the title “Best of FUTD”. This post will be cleaned up a little and will then be featured in a new tab that will appear on the top menu. After every subject week, I will choose another post to add to this prestigious list.


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