Why the Art of Listening Matters

Here is a post from Alenna Jamieson about the importance of listening. As Alenna describes her own goals and reasons for listening, we are challenged to think about how we listen in our own classrooms. I believe sometimes we get so caught up in trying to push out information and get things covered that we forget to take a breath and make it a two-way conversation. Alenna mentions the power of listening to help students gain confidence and improve their own listening, and it has the potential to do so much more. Special thanks to Alenna for sharing and have a good week everyone!

Mrs. Alenna Jamieson

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.
Ernest Hemingway

We learn to listen before we learn to speak. So listening must be really important to learning and development. Something I really want to grow in is my ability (and desire, to be quite honest) to listen to others.

It seems obvious, but as a teacher, I think “listening” is going to be one of those skills that makes-or-breaks me. Here are (some of) my reasons:

1) I, like all teachers, want my students to be good listeners – listening to me, listening to each other, listening to the questions forming in their minds. For them to become good listeners, I need to become one myself.

**Students will learn much more from what I model to them than from what I tell them.  I should model the art of listening.**


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