Roll up the Rim to Win… probably?

((Sorry for the delayed posts, I have had some technical difficulties)) this post by mrhewett discusses a lesson on probability using the Tim Horton’s annual “Roll Up The Rim to Win” promotion. Tim Horton’s is a coffee/food chain in Canada and some States. Similar to McDonald’s monopoly promotion, ‘prizes’ are attached to drink cups. Some of them are big prizes but most are something like “free coffee”. This lesson can really be done using most food chain promotions. Special thanks to mrhewett for sharing!

The Super Nintendo Chalmers Report

It’s every Canadians favorite favourite time of year.  That’s right Coffee drinkers, time to double-down with your double-double and roll up the rim to win.  We are going to explore some probabilities in my grade 7/8 class over the next week or two.  After reading two great blog posts from @MatthewOldridge and @mraspinall, I decided to combine two great ideas into one unit of study. Having taught probability for six years now, I have found it to be a topic that is both interesting and practical but also overlooked and underappreciated.  It is often something that is left until the end of the year and explored mainly through games or contrived simulations.  We have had hosted probability fairs before, but they have left some academics to be desired.  Another one of those great ‘June’ activities if you catch my drift ;).

The first post that got me thinking highlighted the…

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