“Honoring the Ghosts”: Remebering Through Dance

image “In his Civil War-era poem, “Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field,” Walt Whitman describes watching over a soldier dying on the battlefield as a “vigil of silence, love and death.” That phrase may still ring true for soldiers fighting around the world; it may also feel familiar to medical professionals, whether imbedded in combat or in the ordinary rooms of a medical center. Yet this common experience is one that doctors and nurses reluctantly discuss and one that many soldiers and veterans feel lies beyond their powers of expression. A recent event held at Stanford – Honoring the Ghosts – provided an exploration of such strange vigils through poetry and dance….” Continue Reading.

This article is a review of a dance recital put on by the Exit 12 Dance Company. The review talks briefly about the power art in its many forms has to express feelings of conflict. This particular performance was centered around war. This article points out the importance of art and can provide some ideas on how to better connect with students and/or how to get students to connect better with morally difficult content.

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