Appy Hour


App Name: Inventioneers

Capabilities: Available on iOS and Android

Subject(s): Science

Grade Level: Elementary

Description: Using the items in their toolbox, students need to create a system that will achieve a given objective. Students need to understand basic physics in order to use their tools properly and are able to use as many or as few as they want. For an extra challenge, students can earn more re points by making their object hit stars that are placed throughout the level. Students can also create their own systems/levels from scratch. The app provides a variety of tools students can use to build their systems and more can be unlocked by successfully completing certain levels in the game. After creating their systems, students can decide which elements should go into the toolbox and can challenge their peers to solve their new level. This app can be upgraded for $2.00 and unlocks a lot of extra content.

FUTD’s Rating: 4/5 Stars

This app is a lot of fun and is great for practicing spatial reasoning and problem solving skills. The tools the user can use are the same as many tools that would be use when studying/building basic system (physics) and w

ork the same way. It is realistic in the sense that items have to be properly placed to work and they follow realistic rules (i.e. The fan won’t spin unless the leaf blower is pointed at it). Even though the free version is limited, I did not feel I was missing anything vital. However, this app is very narrowly focused and has limited classroom use. It might be fun to spend a lesson building a system as a class and/or to have students challenge each other with their own creations, but I cannot foresee being able to use this app repeatedly for instruction. Though students might have fun playing with it independently, they would probably not make the scientific connection without prompting.


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