The Weird, Wild World of Micro-Nations Where Anybody Can Be King

A little bit of quirk for your Monday. This is good inspiration for some nation-building lessons and could be a fun way to introduce similar activities or material. It also brings up the question “what makes a nation?” Happy Monday!

Ethics Asylum

The e-mail was signed “Regards, His Excellency. President Kevin Baugh, Republic of Molossia.”

Come again?

No, you’re not forgetting your ex-Soviet bloc geography. Molossia is not on any world map. But what does exist—”everything a country has,” Baugh asserted earlier in his missive, “a bank, a post office, a railroad, and an active navy”—you’ll find on a dusty, sagebrush-pocked sliver of Nevada desert. It’s a “sovereign, independent nation” as far as “His Excellency” is concerned, and a bizarre, strange lark to most anyone else.

Welcome to the world of micronations, where everyone can be a benevolent dictator.

Molossia is a dry sliver of desert in the U.S. state of Nevada. – Source: Kevin Baugh/AP Photo

MicroCon 2015

There was even a conference earlier this month, the first in the actual U.S. of A., held amid chalkboards and school chairs in a public rec room of Anaheim, Calif.’s Central Library. Baugh…

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