Appy Hour


App Name: Math Planet

Capabilities: iOS, Google Play (Android), Kindle

Subject(s): Math

Grade Level: 1-8

Description: Students start by choosing a grade level and creating a nickname. Each difficulty level is represented by a planet. Each planet has 6 games for the students to complete that test different math skills. The math the games ask students to use is determined by the grade level the student/parent selected. Once the student has successfully completed all of the games on one planet, they unlock the next planet. Students also earn coins that they can use to purchase new aliens for their profile. There are 9 different games total and the math problems get harder as they move from planet to planet. A separate planet called “Math Facts” is always available and tests the student’s mental math skills. The app keeps track of the student’s activity and progress in the different math areas. There can be up to two separate users on a device.

The free version of the app gives you access to the “Math Facts” and all of the games on the 1st planet. To upgrade just the Middle School part of the app, it’s $1.99. To upgrade all of the grade levels, it’s $4.99. Though just having the “Math Facts” planet is extremely useful and free, FUTD recommends upgrading to get the full benefits of the app.

FUTD’s Rating: 5/5 Stars

This app is very engaging and really excels at developing mental math skills. The visuals aids are very effective and the app provides good audio guidance as well. The detailed data collection is very helpful as is the capability to have two independent profiles on one device. Though real classroom integration options are limited, this app is still a really strong practice tool students can use.

(Disclaimer: FUTD is not associated with Math Planet or its creators and does not benefit from the download or sale of this app in any way)


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