“This is Life Itself”


“A couple weeks ago, we had one of our good jewel days as a team of boys, working together, mostly in the sand pit, located a large collection. The team of collaborators started with just a couple kids, but had expanded to a half dozen or so as the project took off. They then, by a process known only to them, decided it was time to clean the jewels. It turned into an elaborate procedure, with everyone talking at once. They set up shop atop the unicycle merry-go-round, an impractical place from my perspective, but it wasn’t my project. They found an old mesh produce bag and moved their jewels from the buckets they carried into the bag. The buckets were then rushed up to the cast iron pump for water, which they carefully poured over the bag, retaining the jewels while washing away the sand. An old piece of mesh shelving then turned up, which they propped on the unicycle merry-go-round to use as a sort of draining board, then poured the bag full of jewels onto it.”  Continue reading ->

Here is a post from fellow blogger “Teacher Tom” reflecting on his students’ playground learning.


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