Appy Hour


App Name: Chem 3D

Capabilities: iOS

Subject(s): Science

Grade Level: 9-12, Higher Education

Description: View and manipulate 3D images of chemical compounds and view data on that compound. Choose from four display options (Wire Frame, Ball and Stick, Space-Filling, and Cartoon) and set background colors. Export images, seamlessly share with others in your network, or download additional compounds from PerkinElmer’s library.

FUTD’s Rating: 2/5 Stars

The 3D models are cool at first glance and would be good for demonstration, but the lack of labels makes it difficult to understand the different elements of the compound. You can expand the library of compounds that comes with the app by downloading others from the PerkinElmer’s library however, most of these go by their scientific names/components and requires significant background knowledge to find what you are look for. Compared to its partner app, ChemDraw, Chem3D falls short of expectations. The functions of the app are very limited and would have to be used along with other information sources to be an effective learning tool.


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