Appy Hour: Rosetta Stone Kids-Reading


App Name: Rosetta Stone Kids: Reading

Capabilities: iOS, Google Play (Android), Nook, Amazon (Kindle)

Subject(s): Reading, Writing, Shapes, Colors

Grade Level: Pre-K – 1 (early ELL)

Description: Help the drops complete their adventures at different parts of the island. Each ‘area’ of the island has a story played out by cartoon drop characters and leaves the user with a task they must help the drops complete. In order to get to the final game and solve the problem, the user has to complete all of the levels for each activity on that part of the island. Activities challenge both literacy and reasoning skills and get harder with each level. Each activity utilizes both visual and verbal guidance and comes with examples and instructions to help the user develop the necessary skills to succeed. As the user makes their way through the different areas of the island, more and more levels are added to each activity. Once an area has been cleared, the user unlocks the rest of the story for that area. The free trial version allows the user to visit each area of the island and play the first level of each activity. The full program is available for either a monthly fee ($6.99) or a 12-month subscription ($69.99).

FUTD’s Rating: 4/5 Stars

This is a fantastic, high-quality application for early learners and/or ELL students. The activities are varied, fun, and easy to learn and the leveling system challenges students to further develop their skills. The verbal guidance each activity provides is a definite strong point. The characters and stories are really well done as well and provide good motivation for students to complete the levels. Despite having 5-star quality, the monthly/yearly subscription fee is a bit high and could prove challenging for schools/teachers trying to get funding approval. The financial burden is relatively significant for individual families as well and FUTD recommends potential users take time to consider if the amount of use they will get out of the program before investing in the full version.

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