Appy Hour: Shadow Puppet Edu


App Name: Shadow Puppet Edu

Capabilities: iOS

Subject(s): General

Grade Level: 4 – 12

Description: Create fun, attractive presentations. Upload images from your device, browse the subject-organized image library, or connect to search engines through the app. The user can put together a collection of images to form a presentation. Once the images are selected, the user can overlay text, record their voice, utilize drawing tools, and insert background music from either their music library or the app’s collection. Once the presentation is complete, it can be saved and exported as a shareable video file. Teachers using the app can access project ideas and resources. All functions of this app are free.

FUTD’s Rating: 4/5 Stars

This app is easy to use and can fit well into any classroom. It is easy to find and use images and the tools are simple and easy to use as well. However, there are some challenges. If there is a mistake in the recording process, the user is unable to fix a small section and must re-record that entire ‘slide’. The user has limited options when formatting their overlay text and drawing tools are temporary and don’t leave lasting marks on the slide. These shortcomings are worth noting but don’t get in the way of the app’s overall functionality. The real strengths for teachers are the added ‘project ideas’ section and the organization of the in-app image library.

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