Appy Hour: Creatures of Light


App Name: Creatures of Light

Capabilities: iOS

Subject(s): Science

Grade Level: 9-12

Description: Choose from 5 areas where bioluminescence can be observed. Each option describes how bioluminescence works in the selected area and how it is used. Facts are organized into manageable pieces and are presented in a visually appealing way. Some slides give the user the option to interact and all slides provide detailed images and/or videos demonstrating the topics being discussed. All functions of this app are free.

FUTD’s Rating: 5/5 Stars

This app is high quality and visually stunning. Though it was originally created as a partner to the American Museum of Natural History’s bioluminescence exhibit, it functions very well as a stand-alone piece. The information provided is interesting, varied and is chunked in easy to manage chunks. Both the graphics and the information are sophisticated enough to attract older students, yet young enough to so as to remain attractive and unintimidating. The app’s greatest strength is the way it has the user navigate through the information. It’s uncomplicated but changes it up just enough to keep students engaged. Though this app is limited topic wise, it has clear classroom applications and delivers high quality content.

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