Appy Hour: Lumio Farm Factor


App Name: Lumio Farm Factor

Capabilities: iOS

Subject(s): Math

Grade Level: 3-5

Description: The user starts by choosing the skill they want to work on: multiplication or division. For each level, the user either has to organize vegetables or use numbers to solve or create a given equation. Each level comes with a demonstration showing how to solve the problem and progressively gets more difficult. Based on their performance, the user earns 1-3 lightning bolts for solving the problem. If they get stuck, the user can use hints however, their use deducts lightning bolts. Every few levels, the user passes, they unlock short vinyets of the Lumio characters as they try to solve a mystery. Completed levels can be replayed at any time for additional practice. The free version of this app will allow the user to work through the first two vinyets for each subject (multiplication and division). The full version of the app costs $2.99 and can be purchased at any time through the free version or the app store.


FUTD’s Rating: 5/5

This is a high quality app that does a great job supporting the development of multiplication and division skills. I found the its biggest strength to be the variety of ways it has the user manipulate the problems. It is great for students who are just starting to develop multiplication and division skills as well as students who are trying to master them. The graphics are engaging and the vinyets are simple but make you want to keep going. The free version is helpful to use and the full version is a good price for what you get. I can see this app being used for extra practice at home as well as in the classroom.


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