Appy Hour: Math Flashcards!

App Name: Math Flashcards!

Capabilities: Windows (Mobile and Computer)

Subject(s): Math

Grade Level: 1-6

Description: Create flashcards and quizzes in order to practice and test math skills. The user can select all of the equation types they would like to practice/test (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Number ranges being tested, the number of questions being answered, and the type of questions they will be (multiple choice or typed response) can be set by the user as well. Flashcards allow the user to practice their skills and quizzes will test skills and record performance data on the user’s profile. High scores on flashcard practice or quizzes can result in the user earning a badge for their profile. The app supports multiple user profiles on one device.

FUTD’s Rating: 5/5

App graphics may not be terribly impressive, but it more than makes up for this in functionality. All of the personalization options make it possible to adapt to any learning level and can be used to challenge the user as well. Though it does not ‘teach’ the user how to solve equations, it offers solid practice. Data collection on the test portion is detailed and can be used to monitor student progress. The number of separate users this app supports is impressive compared to other apps is impressive. Overall, this app meets its primary objective and exceeded my expectations.


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