Appy Hour: Grammar Flashcards


App Name: Grammar Flashcards!

Capabilities: Windows (App)

Subject(s): English/Language Arts

Grade Level: 4-8

Description: Practice and test grammar knowledge with this app. The user can set which concept(s) (i.e. Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives) they would like to practice or test their skills on. The app will generate a series of sentences and ask the user to identify examples of a given grammar concept. In practice mode, the user will be given a definition and example of the concept they are practicing above the generated sentence. Data is collected when the user completes an exercise in test mode. Finishing both practices and tests will earn the user badges they can place next to their name. The app accommodates 5 distinct users on a single device.  

FUTD’s Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

This app is simple but effective. The user can select a wide array of grammar concepts to practice/test and can include as many or as few concepts in one round as they want. I really enjoy how the app avoids basic multiple choice and allows the user to manipulate the sentence in order to define the answer. The definitions and examples provided in practice mode are also extremely helpful to users who are learning/struggling with certain concepts. As a teacher, I could see either recommending this app for additional practice or using it to generate exercises for the class.

Grammar 1


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