Appy Hour: Todo Math


App Name: Todo Math

Capabilities: iOS

Subject(s): Math

Grade: Pre K – 1st

Description: Todo Math is an app for practicing basic mathematical skills. Every day, students can log in and complete a short series of activities focused on developing basic math skills. Each activity presents problems in different format to familiarize students with different application skills and math vocabulary. The “mission” mode allows students to complete activities focusing on specific math skills while “free play” allows students to replay their favorite activities. As students complete problems, they earn stars and characters for their collection.

FUTD’s Rating: 5/5
This is an all around high quality app where it was clear developers paid close attention to detail. The activities are simple yet allow students to manipulate numbers and problems in multiple ways for greater understanding. Different activities also reflect different types of math problems (word problems, manipulatives, spatial reasoning, etc.) to familiarize students with math vocabulary and the different ways to approach math problems. By giving students a daily set of activities, the app plays to students’ attention span to maximize effectiveness. It is also a natural way to limit the amount of time students spend on the electronic device. This app has the potential for long, continuous use and offers a lot of options in the free version.

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