Appy Hour: Galaxies


App Name: Galaxies

Capabilities: iOS, Online

Subject(s): Science

Grades: 5-8


Galaxies is a free app by Kids Discover that serves as an interactive mobile version of their textbook about Galaxies. The user can read through 6 chapters of content ranging from what makes up a galaxy to stories and myths. Chapters contain interactive 3-D models, images, audio and video in addition to the text in order to enhance their learning. There are also probing questions that help the user navigate the material and apply what they know. App content can be purchased in printed form from Kids Discover and can also be read online using a registered (paid) Kids Discover account.

FUTD’s Rating: 5/5 Stars
I have seen printed versions of Kids Discover material and I have always been a fan. This app provides great in-depth information but presents it in a way that is easy and engaging for students. It is clear a lot of time was spent enhancing the material from the printed version so that it could be more interactive and engaging in digital form. These enhancements are not overdone and the app runs very smoothly. Most importantly, the app covers the full scope of the printed version despite being free to download. Overall, this app could prove extremely useful in a science classroom.


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