Appy Hour: NOVA Elements


App Name: NOVA Elements

Capabilities: iOS, Windows, Online

Subject(s): Science

Grades: 6-12

Description: This app was created in partner to the PBS series “Hunting the Elements”, an informational series about the elements and composition of the periodic table. The app provides an interactive periodic table that provides information about the element, a clip from the series where the element is discussed, and an atom builder for each element. The atom builder can be used as either an experimental tool or to build specific elements. As students build each one, their periodic table will show they have completed it. The app also provides an atomic breakdown of common objects activity and access to all chapters of the series.

FUTD’s Rating: 5/5 Stars

This app has a surprising amount of versatility for a free app. The TV series provides great information and is engaging for middle school learners. More importantly, the table of elements provides a lot of great information and is both interactive and practical. The atom building function to  the app is simple but visually appealing and useful, providing a guide to what element is being represented as students add/subtract protons/neutrons/electrons. All elements of the app are visually appealing, well organized, and run smoothly. Overall, I think this is a great program with many potential applications.


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