We’re Back!

Hello World! After a long hiatus and a little bit of soul searching, From Under the Teacher’s Desk is back with plans to be better than ever! There will be a number of changes that will ensure our continued success which I have listed below. Thank you for your continued support and it’s great to be back!

New Look:

As the blog continues to grow, it has become apparent that we are in need of a better format. So, over the next couple of days, the site will be getting a facelift. The new site will have a static homepage to make navigation through resources and posts easier. In addition, the resource pages will be reconfigured so you can find the type of resources you are looking for more efficiently. I hope these improvements will make your experience on the site more enjoyable.


Summer Plan:

Resources, resources, and more resources! This summer is going to be a mad rush of posts and updates. Where there will still be some of the more traditional, philosophically focused posts, the main focus will be on resources. Not only are these resources going to be added to the resource pages, many posts will also be focusing on how to apply these resources to the classroom. Where the old resource reviews provided only basic information, these new reviews will include ideas for classroom use. Make sure you visit frequently to get in on all the action!


Moving Forward:

As most of us know, the end of summer means back to school! So, as we move into next school year, the pace of the posts will slow significantly. There will be at least one post a week but original posts will only appear every other week (when not in a series). Resources will continue to be updated regularly as new things are discovered but most posts will have our more traditional focus. With the slower pace,  the blog can maintain consistent, quality posts. More information on the posting schedule will be available at the end of the summer.


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