Resources Added


FreshGrade: This application and website is a classroom organization system where teachers and students can create digital portfolios. In addition to uploading assignments to student profiles, teachers can grade assignments, create a digital grade book, and communicate with parents and students. (iOS, Android, Website) Found on: Classroom Tools.

handouts-ambassador (2)


Handouts: This app allows teachers to upload, share, and grade handouts in a digital format. Handouts are meant to be completed and turned in on electronic devices. (iOS, Android) Found on: Just for Teachers.



Hopscotch: This app allows students to create and share their own games/programs in a simple way. Great for projects and as an introduction to programming. (iOS) Found on: Classroom Tools.




Talkboard: This app is a digital whiteboard allowing students to create and share with their groups. The app allows students to speak with one another as they work, upload images, and export their boards. Most appropriate for high school students. (iOS) Found on: Classroom Tools.


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