Resources Added


Tiny Tap: This app and website provides interactive presentations and activities for students at all levels in a wide range of topics. Users can search for pre-made material or create their own. Teachers can also create digital classrooms where they can assign activities and track student data. (iOS, Android, Website)



Skitch: This app allows students to draw over images. Students can use images from their device or search images through the app. It is good for creating digital posters. (iOS, Android, Windows)




Quip: This app and website allows students and teachers to store and collaborate on documents. Documents can either be created in the app or imported from other document sources such as Google Drive. A chat function allows discussion between group members as the document is edited in real time. Files can be accessed offline. (iOS, Android, Website)

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BrainPOP: This app and website provides short, animated videos in all subject areas as well as educational games. Each video comes with comprehension questions students can try to test their knowledge. Separate BrainPOP apps are available for students in grades K-3 and for ESL students. (iOS, Android, Chrome, Website)


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