Pinteresting Collection

Collections of ideas and resources originating from Pinterest compiled during “English Week”. Each resource comes with a short description and a link to the original source for further investigation. Some resources have an additional section where I provide further ideas on how to use the resource. Use the links below to access each collection:

English Week 04/13/15


Classroom Freebies Too: This website connects you to a number of resources that are available for free. There are resources and links that cover a broad range of academic topics however, a lot of the resources are English related.

No Sweat Shakespeare: This site is dedicated to everything Shakespeare. It has everything from plays and quotes (original and in modern English) to articles about Shakespeare himself and the world he lived in.


Professor Garfield Fact Or Opinion: A Garfield cartoon that explains the difference between fact and opinion. The cartoon is followed by a series of questions that check for understanding.


(Disclaimer: FUTD is not associated with any of the resource creators and does not benefit from the use/sale/download of these resources in any way)


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