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Collections of ideas and resources originating from Pinterest compiled during “Math Week”. Each resource comes with a short description and a link to the original source for further investigation. Some resources have an additional section where I provide further ideas on how to use the resource. Use the links below to access each collection:

Math Week 02/14/15


Math Antics-What is Arithmetic?: This video breaks down the meaning of the term ‘arithmetic’ and provides a visual guide through different mathematical operations. Different parts of this video can be used for students at different levels in order to explain or review certain mathematical concepts. Really descriptive and easy to follow.

Interview with Professor Manjul Bhargava: In this video, accomplished mathematician Professor Manjul Bhargava discusses his experience learning math as a child and how he teaches math by embracing its artistic roots. The video starts a little slow, but Professor Bhargava brings an interesting perspective on how math is taught around the globe and challenges our current teaching paradigm. His more detailed description of how he uses art to teach math (poetry specifically) starts close to 15:00.

SAT Math 1, SAT Math 2SAT Math 3: Here are three out of a series of SAT practice videos from Schmoop. Each of these videos presents a question in SAT format and then walks the viewer through solving the equation. The videos presents the question and then asks the viewer to hit pause and practice the problem before playing the rest of the video. They move a little quickly, so the viewer needs to be ready to pause when necessary. The videos can be used to practice as a class or as an individual/group. This video has the viewer solve for X using their knowledge of triangles.

Math Challenge: This teacher poses a math challenge to his students and then provides videos solving the problem. This one is very straightforward but the walk through is really great and easy to understand. This would be a great videos for students to view should you want to use a similar problems in your classroom.


ModMath (iPad): An easy to use math app allowing students to show their work. This app was developed to help students with Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, and ADHD

Math Flashcards!  (Windows): An app that allows the users to practice various math skills. (This resource has been reviewed! Click here for more information)


(Disclaimer: FUTD is not associated with any of the resource creators and does not benefit from the use/sale/download of these resources in any way)


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