Pinteresting Things

Collections of ideas and resources originating from Pinterest compiled during “Science Week”. Each resource comes with a short description and a link to the original source for further investigation. Some resources have an additional section where I provide further ideas on how to use the resource in the classroom. Use the links below to access each collection:

Science Week 05/25/2015


Ted-Ed Periodic Table: This amazing project provides a fantastic, interactive periodic table. Each element comes with a video about it and if you click on “View Full Lesson” underneath the video, you will be taken to a page that provides follow-up questions, additional information, and discussion prompts.

The Flame Challenge: Every year, there is a contest challenging scientists across the country to create material describing a given scientific concept in a way that 11-year olds would understand. There are many submission categories and the concept being described is announced each year. The winners of each category are selected via vote by participating classrooms. 

The Smithsonian: Articles, videos, and more focusing on different science and history topics. News and articles about science


The Next Generation of Neuroprosthetics: Shows how an implanted device in particular parts of the brain can help paralyzed individuals regain motion through prosthetics.

Because Science Series: This series hosted by Kyle Hill gives a scientific explanation for different phenomenon we see played out in movies, video games, etc. This series is one of many posted by “The Nerdist” channel so needs to be searched by name. This link will bring you to a video focusing on how the character Quicksilver is able to listen to music normally while traveling at high speed.

The Hammerhead Shark: Information about the hammerhead shark

Women in STEM: Talks about women in science and includes interviews with two astronauts working in the International Space Station (ISS)

Vitamin D: Discusses a study on the effects of using Vitamin D supplements. A good example of what makes a good experiment.

Bill Nye Channel: Does it need an introduction?

SciShow Channel: Videos about science in history, news, and more

Spangler Science TV Channel: Videos by Steve Spangler demonstrating science experiments and more.

ASAP Science: Videos answering random scientific questions using fun illustrations


Inventioneers (iOS, Google Play ((Android)) ): Build basic systems and use them to achieve different goals. This app is good for elementary level students. (This resource has been reviewed! Click here for more information)

Chem3D (iOS): View and manipulate 3D images of chemical compounds and view data on that compound. (This resource has been reviewed! Click click here for more information) 

(Disclaimer: FUTD is not associated with any of the resource creators and does not benefit from the use/sale/download of these resources in any way)


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